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Is it challenging to live in Marlow and wish for an end of tenancy cleaning Marlow for your house? Well, not anymore. We, at Expert Cleaning Services and Co., are here to provide you with a profound clean to your house, with a busy routine. End of tenancy cleaning Marlow is what we are expert in, and we will never let you be disappointed with our services. Our cleaning team is professional and available to help you clean your house while you stay stress-free and manage other chores. You won’t need to worry anymore for an end of tenancy cleaning Marlow within your desired time.

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Let Us Clean For You While You Rest

You might be wondering what unique qualities we possess to claim of providing an end of tenancy cleaning Marlow to your house so conveniently. Well, here they are:

  1. Extremely convenient and easy booking procedure.
  2. Punctual and professional team workers.
  3. Intense and profound end of tenancy cleaning Marlow
  4. Fully insured company.
  5. Deposit security prioritized.
  6. Customer satisfaction is always considered.
  7. Earliest time slots are booked.
  8. Affordable and reasonable price list.
  9. Free consultations and advices.
  10. Feedback is always prioritized.

We Have the Expert Cleaning Team for You

Expert cleaning services will never let you down when it comes to the services. If you are paying for a clean house, you will get one by our end of tenancy cleaning Marlow services. You will absolutely appreciate the team we have for the end of tenancy cleaning Marlow services and each of them work professionally. Their efficiency and experience may amaze you as they will be cleaning your house inside out. Your belongings will never be misplaced, and your feedback will be asked. All the mess will be taken care of, and you will, by the end of the day, be happy about how clean your house looks with the end of tenancy cleaning Marlow provided to it.

We Perform Amazing Cleaning Services

We provide all the major as well as minor cleaning services according to your demand. The most peculiar features of our end of tenancy cleaning Marlow are:

  1. An intense clean to all the rooms, including washrooms.
  2. Car porches and laundries cleaned if required.
  3. Major appliances are cleaned thoroughly.
  4. Latest equipment used for cleaning appliances and carpet steam cleanings.
  5. Dusting off the walls and cob webbing.
  6. Washing the floor tiles and walls.
  7. Cleaning of the furniture and the descaling of kitchen and washrooms.
  8. Washing of the car porch and watering of the plants.

Get Yourself the Best Cleaners in Town

You will be surprised to know how our team works their best to provide your house with an end of tenancy cleaning Egham. They are very punctual and know what to do to satisfy their customers. A checklist is usually offered to customers wishing for an end of tenancy cleaning Egham. The team workers are experienced and are aware of using the latest machinery and equipment for cleaning the houses. Carpet steam cleaning is also provided by using the latest equipment for an end of tenancy cleaning Egham without wasting any time. The team workers are very obedient and friendly. They will try to accomplish everything you wish to be done.

Easily Affordable Services for You

Our services are not only excellent, yet very reasonable in their prices. We have our specific packages for a full house cleaning by the end of tenancy cleaning Marlow; however, we still provide custom offers to people who wish for something different. Our standard packages are as follows

Moreover, we also offer custom packages as per your particular cleaning requirements or demands.

Expert Cleaning Egham and Surrounding Areas.

Expert Cleaning Services are experts in End of tenancy cleaning. Are you worried about Move-In and Move-Out Cleaning of house then call us let the handle experts in a professional way.

Deposit security

Deposit security is our first priority. Our staff has year’s of experience and they know what’s include in End of Tenancy Cleaning. We know what’s your landlord or estate agent requirements. So call us today and secure your deposit.

Expert Cleaning Egham and Surrounding Areas.

Expert cleaning services  will give you 100% satisfaction GUARANTEE cleaning service and we have maintained our standards according to the estate agents and inventory clerk. That means your end of tenancy Cleaning will pass in a first time.



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No Worries If You Can’t Come to our Office

You have a lot of work to do and can’t visit the office? No worries! We have got your back as Expert Cleaning Services and Co. can now be booked online or on-call for an end of tenancy cleaning Marlow. Your cleaning team is just a click away.

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  1. General dusting and Removing cobwebs.
  2. spot cleaning, door and frames.
  3. Carpet vacuumed.
  4. Windows, sills, and frames.
  5. Windows blinds cleaned.
  6. Skirting boards dusted.
  7. Stairs, skirts and banister cleaned.
  8. Tidy room appearance.
  9. Dust and polish furniture.
  10. Clean inside wardrobes and drawers.
  11. Clean behind/underneath furniture.


  1. Limescale removal on taps, shined​
  2. Limescale removal from glass shower screens​
  3. Soap scum/limescale removal from splash back tiles​
  4. Shower trays, tiles and plug inlets​
  5. Shower-head limescale removal​
  6. Bathroom furniture cleaned/Polished​Cobwebs and wall spots removed​
  7. Bathtubs scrubbed clean and disinfected​
  8. Windows, frames, sills and tracks cleaned​
  9. Blinds fully cleaned and dusted
  10. Skirting boards dusted and wiped down​
  11. Mirrors cleaned and shined​
  12. Basins and vanity units cleaned​
  13. Waterline underneath basin removed​
  14. Toilets cleaned, scaled, cleaned behind and shined​
  15. Floors washed and disinfected​
  16. Light switches and Plug sockets cleaned​
  17. Light fittings and Lampshades cleaned​
  18. Rubbish removed from bins/units​
  19. Boiler room and airing cupboard​
  20. Mantle pieces and fire surround​
  21. Waterlines beneath basins and toilets​


  1. Dishwasher soap trays, edges and drains​
  2. Oven cleaned inside and out​
  3. Oven racks and oven trays cleaned​
  4. Extractor degreased and shined, inside and out​
  5. Work tops cleaned and disinfected​
  6. Kitchen cupboards/drawers cleaned​
  7. Tables, chairs and furniture cleaned​
  8. Floors vacuumed, mopped and disinfected​
  9. Rubbish removed from bins/units​
  10. Cobwebing and Dusting​
  11. Light switches and plug sockets cleaned
  12. Sink limescale removed,
  13. Cleaned shined​ Tap limescale removed and polished​
  14. Tile splash back wiped clean​
  15. Windows, sills, frames and Tracks/poles​
  16. Skirting boards dusted and wiped down​
  17. Kitchen appliances cleaned (microwave/toaster)​
  18. Refrigerator cleaned/bleached inside and out​
  19. Freezer cleaned/bleached inside and Out​
  20. Washing machine tray and rim​

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