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Sweeten Up Your Cleaning Routine

Start a house cleaning business by being realistic with your expectations and goals. Cleaning is always in demand, and traditionally more recession-proof than many other businesses.Professional cleaners learn that during their first three years, some practical planning and realistic action is necessary.

Start up money or a decent amount of savings will get you started in the house cleaning business. Realistically, you will need six months of savings. If you need work now and you are unemployed.

However, you may plan to hire crews for larger jobs instead of doing the cleaning yourself, simply be the owner and manager. In that case, you need start up funds as well as a savings account big enough to float you while you get established.

The first thing to do is to transcend any romantic notions about running your own house cleaning company. The beginning stage is when you have to work to make it real. We had a friend who had always daydreamed of having her own bed and breakfast. She would erect her easel and paint in the studio while fascinating guests paid for her home. Her days and evenings would always be interesting and exciting.

She would sell them her paintings. In reality, how do you think she spent her time? Grocery shopping, cooking, laundry, landscaping, and non-stop cleaning! Her bed and breakfast dream lasted less than a year.

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