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An Organized Life is a Happy Life

When you are surrounded by clutter, it’s like being surrounded by boulders…major obstacles blocking your path to success. Think about a cluttered space that has been overtaken by unnecessary paper and other paraphernalia.

Creativity and positive energy doesn’t flow well in this type environment.

Why? Because you end up focusing on the cluttered mess in front of you instead of concentrating on the task at hand. If you’re constantly spending 5+ minutes searching for items on your desk, I guarantee your frustration will begin to grow, making it even more difficult to concentrate or finish the project in front of you.

When you’re attempting to achieve wonderful things in your life, it’s impossible to do so if you’re spending your time searching through a frenzy of file folders, a cluttered desk, a full-to-bursting email inbox, or searching for something else you need, whether that be a sheet of paper, someone’s phone number, an email that contains vital information, or your calendar.

Everyone’s internal clock is unique. Some of us are highly energetic first thing in the morning, and others can’t get going until later in the day. Some of us need a boost to get going and to release our inner energy and positive. Sometimes that boost is coffee. Other times, that boost is exercise.

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